Talent concept


Talent strategy

Human capital is the knowledge and skills that can be used for creative labor formed by individual talents through learning and training. The formation of human capital is realized through multi-channel and multi-channel human capital investment.We introduce, train through a variety of means, implement talent specialization strategy, professional person does professional job.

Compensation & benefits

Compensation strategy: ensure that the company's compensation level is always at the upstream level of the same industry.

Social insurance: provide all employees with social insurance that complies with the provisions of the state and local government laws and regulations.

Leave: leave system in accordance with national laws and regulations, including statutory holidays and paid annual leave. And pay overtime wages according to the provisions of the law (in the case of overtime).

Other benefits specified by national or local government laws and regulations: meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

Free accommodation: provide qualified employees with free accommodation according to different conditions, and no rent will be charged or deducted except for water and electricity fees.

Rent or transportation subsidy: provide rent subsidy to employees who rent houses by themselves according to different standards; Provide transportation subsidies for employees with their own houses according to different standards.

Meal allowance: Meal allowance shall be provided for dining in the canteen of the company during the working period.

Home visit allowance: The company provides travel allowance for Spring Festival every year for employees who meet the requirements of the company.

Paid tourism: The company provides free paid tourism benefits to eligible employees every 2 years.

Free physical examination: The company provides a free physical examination for qualified employees every 2 years.

Medical expense subsidy: eligible employees can reimburse medical expenses not exceeding the limit specified by the company every year in addition to the national medical insurance.

Rewards: Employees who create benefits for the company by participating in rationalization proposals, QCC campaigns and other activities advocated by the company can receive generous bonuses other than salary without capping on a certain proportion.